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Our clinic is a tailored health solution for those who would like to be empowered to take a corrective approach to their health. In order to achieve a healthy lifestyle and better health outcomes, our clinical exercise treatments and programs take an educative approach to health. With a supportive team and inclusive attitude we promote long term management systems to allow better and more controlled body movement. We empower people to take control of their health under our close clinical supervision.

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Your Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a doctor’s referral to come to CHOP?

    Osteopaths are considered primary health care practitioners, therefore, there is no need for a referral to visit us!

  • Can I claim pilates on private health insurance?

    For 1 on 1 session and 2 on 1 sessions, you most definitely can! You can claim under Osteopathy (code:1802).

  • How are you different from a pilates studio?

    All of our clinical exercise and instructors are qualified Osteopaths. We take you through a comprehensive Full Body Assessment and tailor your program specifically to your needs and goals! There are no set classes, no timetables, and a maximum of only 3 people to each practitioner so you can assure that you get the attention that you NEED.

  • Do I need previous experience in pilates?

    No you don’t, you can be a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, we welcome everyone and we cater to each individuals’ physical capabilities.

  • What do I need to bring to my appointment?

    Yourself, some loose-fitted clothing and any scans/referrals that you may have!

  • How are you keeping everyone safe during COVID?

    Our initiatives:

    • Access to hand sanitisers in each room
    • Stringent cleaning processes with disinfectant before and after each client visit
    • Limited client capacity in the clinic
    • Provision of Telehealth services where necessary
    • Temperature checks in clinic
    • Masks worn at all times

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