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Clinical Exercise

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About Us


Our small team of registered Osteopaths will offer you expert advice, treatment and personalised Clinical Exercise programs to meet your individual goals.

We offer exercise rehabilitation using swiss balls, therabands, hand weights, lifting rack, as well as reformer pilates machines with our specialist Osteopathic supervision, there are no classes at all to get lost in, our system is individualised to your needs. No matter your reason for attending, our Osteopaths will develop a program that is tailored just for you.

Our clinic is entirely wheelchair accessible and is situated in the beautiful Rathdowne Village, North Carlton with plenty of parking available.

Our Vision

As a primary health service we aim improve health actively with specific patient care, that empowers people to take control of their health whilst educating you in how to avoid re-injury.

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Our Mission

Our mission as a clinic is to be a health solution to those who would like to be empowered to take a corrective approach to their health. In order to achieve a healthy lifestyle and better health outcomes, our clinical exercise treatments take an educative approach to health. With a supportive team and inclusive attitude we promote long term management systems to allow better and more controlled body movement.