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Anterior crucitiate ligament ruptures – non-operative or surgical intervention?

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) ruptures occurs most commonly in young and active individuals with women having almost 2 times greater risk of injury than men. They generally occur in sports that involves contact, explosive changes in direction and jumping. Following an ACL rupture, the objectives of management are to restore knee function, address psychological barriers

Exercising When Pregnant

Doing regular exercise has many health   benefits during pregnancy and also helps to prepare the body for childbirth. It is also important to commence exercise as early as clinically possible (once cleared for safety) for optimum benefits.  Due to the changing body’s response to exercise, a supervised  program is best as it allows the Clinician

Migraine and Headache

Migraine and headache affect around 3 million and 7 million Australians respectively. A combined total of 10 million Australians suffer from some form of headache. Migraine and headache can present in a number of different ways and in varying intensities. Migraine headache is typically a debilitating type pain and is usually unilateral and accompanied by

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