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Pilates Fitzroy North


What is Pilates?

Pilates is a low-impact exercise created by Joseph Pilates that focuses on core and muscular strength, endurance and flexibility. This physical fitness system empowers both mind and body through breathing, concentration, control and relaxation.

It is a type of exercise that many health professionals consider as one of the safest. It is also a versatile routine ideal for physical rehabilitation and sports training.

Here at Complete Health Osteopathy + Pilates (CHOP), we combine specialised movements and equipment like reformer machines to get the most out of your body. The CHOP team is ready to assist you, whether you prefer private lessons or interested in group Pilates.

Our studio is only 5 minutes away from Fitzroy North. No matter your reason for attending, we will develop a personalised Pilates program that suits your needs.

Who can benefit from Pilates?

Do you often experience back, shoulder or neck pain? Are you in need of post-operative care and rehab? Or perhaps you are a new mum or mum-to-be looking for safe exercises before and after pregnancy. If yes, then Pilates can do wonders to your physical and mental health.

Clinical Pilates may be a strength-training exercise. But it is also gentle training that we can easily modify, be it for beginners, fitness enthusiasts or seasoned athletes. We love how this exercise can adapt to a wide range of patients experience level  like:

  • pro dancers and athletes who regularly expose their bodies to stress and potential injuries
  • musicians who have problems with posture, neck and shoulder strain or overused limbs
  • patients with medical conditions like osteoporosis, arthritis, scoliosis and multiple sclerosis
  • seniors or elderly in need of increased energy levels, pain relief or stronger immunity
  • children and teens who need stronger bones, higher stamina or better sleeping patterns
  • people with weight concerns for improved blood circulation and self-confidence boost
  • everyone who wants to stay healthy, positive, stress-free and happy

What makes our Pilates different?

Our exercise programs, apparatus and instructors all work together to give you a Pilates class that you will benefit from and enjoy. Specifically, Complete Health has:

  • Convenient clinic location. Our nearby clinic allows the Complete Health team to offer its expertise in Pilates to Melbourne and  Fitzroy North locals. We are only a few minutes away from the suburb, making it easier for more people to book and attend our classes.
  • Well-rounded Pilates instructors. Aside from years of education and experience, our osteopaths have varied specialisations, including pain relief, movement refinery and injury rehabilitation, to easily take on the customer-centric approach. Some are also into sports, martial arts and dance! You can learn more about them here.
  • Private and group sessions. Our supervised one-on-one class is best for beginners who need to concentrate more or feel comfortable working out in private. Individual sessions enable you to get the best out of your experience at our clinic, too. When you’re ready, you can always switch to a group class with a maximum of three attendees.
  • Custom-made classes and schedules. Just like Pilates, our service knows no gender, profession, age or size. We cater to everyone’s physical capabilities. More importantly, there are no confusing or limiting set classes and timetables. Everything is up to you!
  • Free full-body assessment. Before you begin your lesson, a registered osteopath will conduct a 60-minute evaluation of your body’s strengths and imbalances. The results help us create a Pilates program that will give you the most benefit. These also allow us to effectively educate your body with osteopathic clinical reasoning and Pilates exercises combined. This assessment is obligation-free and for all.
  • Monitoring routine. Your progress is vital to us. To ensure you are reaping all those great Pilates rewards, we will conduct a body assessment at weeks 6 and 12.

How do we ensure in-clinic safety?

With the global pandemic and all, we need to take care of our bodies and overall well-being more than ever. And so, Complete Health now aims to not only promote good health but safeguard it, too. Our temperature checks, hand sanitisers in every room and proper mask-wearing rule are part of our efforts to ensure that every clinic visit is safe.

Moreover, we follow stringent cleaning processes, use approved disinfectants and observe limited client capacity. But if you prefer to have your consultation or Pilates at your Fitzroy North residence, our Telehealth service can help. We’ll bring your sessions and our skilled osteopaths to you via ZOOM. All you need is a laptop or tablet with a camera, microphone and internet connection!

How to book an appointment?

Ready to see a healthier, happier you? Give us a call at 03 8683 9442 for details or visit our Pilates clinic in Carlton North from Monday to Saturday. You can opt for an online booking, too. If you’re looking for private session or small group Pilates near Fitzroy North VIC, our clinic is a mere 5 minutes away.

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