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Exercise as a means of righting the wrongs of the human body is not new. Evidence based medicine has shown that enabling the body to rehabilitate via exercise in a controlled clinical setting has a greater efficiency for long term prognosis and decreases the chance of re-injury.

At Complete Health we focus on resistance based exercises to help your body perform at its best. Resistance means to ask your muscles to work against weight but not necessarily to lift weights like in traditional gym workouts.

At Complete Health we focus on 3 core principals of rehabilitation, these are:

  • Core strength (referring to deep stomach muscles)
  • Balance and controlled movement
  • Resistance based exercises
  • We offer a no obligation Free Full Body Clinical Assessment

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We offer something different to other clinical exercise studios, as we focus on delivering a specialised and individual program tailored to each client. There are no timetables or large group classes. We will re-educate your body by combining traditional Osteopathic assessments with Clinical Exercise. It begins with a 60 minute Free Full Body Assessment completed by a Registered Osteopath, who then develops a personalised clinical exercise program for you.

The Full Body Assessment is obligation free and available to anyone! It will assess your body’s strengths and imbalances and determine how clinical exercise can benefit you.
If you decide you don’t want to do clinical exercise program, that’s fine! You can simply enjoy feeling more informed about your body and its needs.

If you take up the Clinical Exercise program with us, you will begin your program in a one-on-one format with your Osteopath. They will supervise you directly and teach you how to use the rehabilitation equipment to help you reach your goals faster. Every exercise is tailored for you and personally instructed individually for your physical state and goals.
You will be continually assessed by our Osteopaths to see exactly how your body has changed.

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Clinical Exercise is a very safe exercise for most women who are pregnant or post-baby. During pregnancy, two of the main concerns for pregnant women when exercising are:

  • To avoid exertion/raising their heart rate too high and;
  • To avoid overheating.

Our Personalised Clinical Exercise program is tailored for you and conducted under supervised instruction. Our exercises are resistance based, you will not need to strenuously exert yourself or overheat to get a great workout!

After pregnancy, our clinical exercise program is perfect for re-building your body! Pregnancy and birth causes an enormous strain on a woman’s pelvis, core stomach muscles and pelvic floor.  The major principle of our Clinical Exercise program is to help re-train these muscles. Each exercise requires you to use your pelvic floor muscles, so you will be re-training your body from your very first clinical exercise session!

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Men will find that our individual Clinical Exercise program improves their overall strength, tone and flexibility which will translate into feeling stronger every day and being able to exercise in more consistent ways.
We will help unlock your body’s flexibility and re-educate your body to work as one machine rather than separate components.

If you have ever suffered from sports injuries or injury from lifting weights, our clinical exercise will use your muscles in a stable and secure way to work them hard but prevent injury (e.g. muscle tears, disc injury).

Our Osteopaths will ensure that your body receives the appropriate resistance training and work your body to its potential without the risk of injury.

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Our Clinical Exercise program is an advanced exercise system that will re-educate your body to work as an entire machine rather than individual components.

This systematic method of exercise unlocks the flexibility, core strength and endurance of your body that traditional forms of exercise cannot. As you will be assessed and instructed by a fully Registered Osteopath, you can be confident you are receiving expert sports medicine advice.

As an athlete, our personalised Clinical Exercise programs will help you recruit and use the core transverse abdominal muscles. These muscles are literally the “core” of your body.

Without core strength the body is at risk of isolating and over-recruiting random muscles when exercising to compensate for weaknesses. Our Clinical Exercise re-educates and re-trains your body to perform at its optimum capacity. With great core strength athletes can run faster for longer, have fewer injuries, recruit all their muscles and perform in the most energy efficient manner possible.

Great core strength improves any athlete’s performance.

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